PAMS, Inc. is the leading non-food Manufacturers’ Representative Organization in their marketplace. The PAMS team calls on Institutional Distributors, Processors, Restaurant Chains, Healthcare, and affiliated customers. Representing a wide variety of disposable products including food packaging, serving ware, safety, janitorial, and sanitation products.

In 2019, PAMS was acquired by KeyImpact Sales & Systems.


PAMS Inc. prides itself on the longstanding relationships that we have with our manufacturing partners, spanning over 70 years. We also embrace the new relationships that we have formed that allow us to always be current and provide us the abilities and solutions to meet the needs of all of our customers in this ever changing business environment.


Our distributors are the primary means by which we provide and place our products in the marketplace. Our distribution partners play such an integral part in ensuring that the end-user has the right product, in a timely fashion, to meet and exceed their needs for the specified application. As an extension of our manufacturers, we value these relationships greatly. Whether we have the privilege of working with a one person operation or a national concern, we will always dedicate all of our resources to growing our collective business together.


The majority of our time, energy and resources are spent focused on the end-user. We strive to use our expertise to work closely with the people that use our products daily. It is our responsibility to understand their needs, wants, desires and expectations. We value the opportunity to work together in order to grow their business and exceed their expectations daily.

I love PAMS! They are fun to work with and so reliable.

PAMS customer service is second to none! Every other company should take a lesson from them.