70 years of providing sales and solutions in Foodservice and Jan San segments
while understanding our customer’s needs and exceeding their expectations.


Customer service is undoubtedly the backbone of the PAMS Inc. organization. It begins with the  inside staff whose responsibility is to take the cares and concerns of our valued customers and make them their own while providing solutions that will eliminate obstacles and ultimately grow business. This core value extends to our team of sales people that work hand in hand with our customers in a face to face setting each and every day. This is PAMS Inc. hallmark! It is what we excel at. Additionally, during business hours our phones are always answered live without automated attendants.


Our systems are on the cutting edge of our industry. Our automated order entry and analysis system is fully EDI capable. Our system utilizes flexible pricing management to fit any manufacturer’s or distributors’ system. Sales analysis is crucial to our ability to meet our customer’s needs and we are able to analyze ordering trends all the way down to an itemized level, with unlimited history retention. It also provides contract compliance monitoring. Additionally, our customer relationship management (CRM) system ensures that all projects and opportunities are completed with great attention to detail and objectives. Our CRM system provides market analysis and strategy that is second to none.

Most importantly, as we are committed to continually investing in technology, we will never lose sight of what we deem to be most important! Our continuous goal is the ability to sit face to face with our valued manufacturer, distributor and end-user partners and use our expertise to conduct a conversation about what is best for their business and their future success.


Training is a foundational element of success at PAMS Inc. Whether it is in the form of in-service training for our staff or offsite at one of our manufacturers we continually endeavor to learn and share that knowledge with our customers.

Training extends to our valued customers as well. We regularly conduct sales meetings and tailor training specific to their needs, be it at their facility or at ours.


At PAMS, Inc. we are Customer Centric! Our focus is on understanding our customer’s business and what they aspire to become. We introduce products and share market knowledge. The continuous combination of knowledge and consulting allows us the essential partnerships to devise sound strategies that will build their business while simultaneously increasing their profitability.